BREAKING NEWS (Delayed) 4272 three pointer fails Duke Vs. Mich State

Honolulu, April 6–Posted up during the final four game Saturday, your blogger attempted a 4373 mile shot to Indianapolis against Duke. Unfortunately, my shot rolled off the rim. Coach K … Continue reading

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SURFS UP: 11 photos taken in 30 minutes that show why Kaanapali is the worlds best beach

Ka’anapali, March 25. On or one the way to the beach we see ladies in bikinis, surfers, someone with a wonderful tatoo ordering a drink, learning yoga and enjoying a … Continue reading

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There’s a beautiful Secret Garden on Maui? Where could it be?

Maui, Hawaii, March 22–Friends of a wonderful lady with the ultimate green thumb gathered yesterday for a traditional Hawaiian ceremony to bless a “Secret Garden”  of Native Hawaiian plants and … Continue reading

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PROFILE: Keeaumoku Kapu Leader of 193 mile march around Maui

FROM LAHAINA NEWS Protecting the culture a quest for Keeaumoku Kapu Voices of Maui • Beyond the Beach May 29, 2014 BY NORM BEZANE | LAHAINA – Keeaumoku Kapu, head … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Hawaiians complete 193 unity march photographed from the perspective of a marcher

Lahaina–March 10–Native Hawaiians who believe a higher power watches over them completed a 193-mile trek around the island Saturday. Kupuna Ke’emoku Kapu In a powerful statement at journey’s end said … Continue reading

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THE 47 Republican Senators  sent a direct message to Iran today in part saying Iran does not understand our Constitution. The Senators are the ones who do not understand our … Continue reading

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CELEBRATING FOUR YEARS OF BLOGGING THIS MARCH: 13,OOO Views on this site along, thousands of followers

Kaanapali: This first blog has been expanded to include another the Joys of Kaanapali that has had huge numbers of views as well. Here are some of the best photos … Continue reading

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Apple started in a garage. So did some of these people. Why are they a success on Maui and where can you find them”

KAANAPALI– This is one of the things you will see when you discover these amazing people at the Royal Lahaina resort.

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Why is a renowned photographer of whales named nicknamed Flip?

Lahaina: You will have to wait for an upcoming issue of Lahaina News to learn how Flip Nicklin who has shot 20 features for National Geographic got his name and … Continue reading

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He has saved nearly 70 of them from death? Who is he, and what has he saved?

LAHAINA–Entangled whales.  Watch for my profile of Ed Lyman, one of a series of three on Maui’s most gargantuan visitors, in Lahaina News.

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Misty Morning

Wanaka Tree under fog


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